Visiting Peru for your Honeymoon; a trip to remember

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Love and food, two things we need to help us survive in this life, honeymoons and the perfect wedding are something we all dream of. You have worked hard and saved hard for your perfect wedding it took years of planning, to get it just right, months of stress beforehand and the day went perfectly, the guest were happy everyone had a great time, plenty of photos for memories that will last forever, your parents were sad but happy on the biggest day of your life, then it is all over and the honeymoon can begin.

What is your dream? What would be your ideal honeymoon? Watching the world go by cruising the Amazon on a luxury cruise, refurbished luxury vessels with generous picture windows and 12 suites which cater for your every need that boast award winning chefs and experienced river pilots that know every inch of the river, or maybe resting in a fabulous jungle lodge which is considered to be one of the South America’s top eco-lodges, offering rustic-chic accommodations and a plethora of jungle walks, drives, and boat excursions also featuring excursions such as the Trail System, the Rainforest Garden, the Twilight River, Rainforest by Night, the Wetlands, the Canopy Walkway & Anaconda Walk, Lake Sandoval, Gamitana Creek all offered to pass the time in the most romantic setting with only the sounds of the birds and animals to keep you company. Or spend some time in one of our luxury hotels maybe at one of the wonders of the world Machu Picchu, getting pampered with natural massages, drinking champagne whilst enjoying the spectacular views of the Andes. Another option is to rest in a magnificent hotel in Sacred Valley of the Inca enjoying a few days in this natural environment complete with ancient Inca ruins and markets complete with local crafts to take home for lasting memories. Maybe some time spend in the imperial city of Cusco is what you are looking for with its vast array of bars and restaurants where you can spend the night fine dining or dancing in one of the many discos. During the day explore the beautiful cobble stone streets with the many markets and side alleys and fascinating museums and churches, staying at one of the many 5 star hotels with room decorated in the Spanish colonial style that are in themselves interesting to explore. Not forgetting the warm city of Arequipa located in the desert, this pretty city is Peru´s second largest and home to beautiful convents and monasteries with a temperate climate all year round. Just a selection of the many and varied choices of honeymoon destinations on offer in Peru.

Now no article on Peru would be complete without speaking about the food, considered to be among the best in the world, a mix of flavors from the history of Peru, it is said to be a mix of Spanish, African, Chinese, Japanese and Italian food, that make a delicious mix for any palate.

Every region of Peru has its own particular cuisine, starting with the coast which is all about the seafood and the local favorite Ceviche, which is fish marinated in lime juice served with onion and sweet potatoes. Also pork, chicken and beef are also served, dishes like Aji de gallina, which is a spicy chicken dish with a creamy peanut sauce is very popular and Lomo Saltado is on every menu in the restaurants in Lima, there is also a heavy Asian influence on the coast of Peru with many Chinese restaurants featuring.

Moving to the high mountain regions of Peru, the food changes, with warm and filling soups of vegetables and meat featuring heavily in the diet of the Peruvian people. In the mountains of Peru guinea pig also is eaten on special occasions. Fishes such as Trout are served in areas such as Puno and is often fried and very tasty. In Arequipa the local food is a bit spicier with stews made from chilies and chilies stuffed with meat. Another delicious meal of that area is Chupe de camarones a creamy soup made with shrimp.
Not forgetting the jungle region of Peru, with its giant river fish cooked in banana leaves and jungle fruit used in many delicious dishes to tamales stuffed with rice, yucca, chicken or pork with a spicy sauce.

Peru has also many specialty drinks such as in the high Andes Chica or corn beer which is readily available in the country areas and also a purple corn drink called Chica Morada, which is sweet and fruity.
So whatever type of honeymoon you desire Peru is a destination for all different tastes and desires with incredible ancient sights, natural beauty beyond your expectations, mountains that you will never see again and warm and friendly people that will welcome you with open arms.

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