Travel Iquitos in the Peruvian Jungle

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There are a lot of people who enjoy traveling around the world on their vacations, there is much to see around the world and sometimes not enough time to see it all. One of the countries that should be on your travel bucket list is Peru, the Andean country in South America. Peru is full of wonderful things to see and do. Peru was home to the ancient Inca culture and there are many sites to see scattered throughout the country.

You may have heard of the famous Machu Picchu located a wonderful train ride away from the ancient Inca city of Cusco. The site is a must see on any trip to Peru and you will be blown away by the location and the history of Machu Picchu. You also shouldn’t miss the southern Peruvian city of Puno where Lake Titicaca is situated. Lake Titicaca is the home of the Uros Islands and if you have never heard of these islands the history is fascinating. The Islands are made completely from reeds that grow around the lake and are like nothing else on the planet.

Travel south from Lima the capital of Peru and see the mysterious Nazca Lines, figures that are drawn into the desert floor by the ancient Nazca civilization. Take a flight over the lines to enjoy the best views.

If you are a nature lover or even if you are not, you must visit the Peruvian Amazon and the northern Peruvian town of Iquitos is a wonderful place to start. There are many things about Iquitos that are very interesting. There are no roads into the town so you can only arrive by airplane from several different Peruvian cities. A flight from Lima will take around 1 hour and longer from other cities. The only other way to get to Iquitos is by boat and this can take several days on not very comfortable boats.

Iquitos has seen different booms with rubber and gold two of the most interesting. When the bottom fell out of the rubber trade, Iquitos suffered and the town went from a profitable economy to a ghost town within a space of a few years. Today, you can see the history of Iquitos with some fine old building that feature around the town, from the boom era. 

Take the time to visit some of the local markets in Iquitos, see all the local produce most of which comes from the jungle. The local people also have some of the best handicraft that you will find anywhere in Peru, buy some souvenirs to take home from the markets in Iquitos.

The city has a typical jungle climate with most of the year having a hot and wet climate. There are two seasons, the wet and the dry season, the wet season sees the river higher and there are more activities around the river.

Around the city there are many wonderful jungle lodges for you to spend some time at on your Peruvian vacation. Most of the lodges are family orientated and have tours into the jungle and surrounding areas. The lodges have different styles of accommodation from 3 star lodges to 5 star resorts that have everything that you will need and enjoy.

Iquitos is also where you will leave for a luxury Amazon cruise. There are several companies that cruise the river. The Aqua Aria fleet have 2 vessels that cruise in both wet and dry season. The vessels have the best of the best when it comes to luxury. The cabins feature floor to ceiling windows so you can watch the river and jungle go by. The beds are comfortable and have wonderful cotton sheets. The restaurant has 5-star cuisine from top Peruvian chefs made from local Amazon produce.

Another company that should be considered is the Delfin fleet of ships. Leaving from Iquitos all year around Delfin have 3 ships that are from 5 star to 4 star that feature all your needs while enjoying the Amazon jungle that passes you by. Travel deep into the jungle and enjoy many different shore excursions from piranha fishing to interesting walks to learn about the medicinal purposes of the jungle. Each night, enjoy the fine cuisine from the restaurants on board.

While in the Amazon area you will see the vast array of wildlife that the area has to offer. When you are on your Amazon cruise you might be fortunate to spot one of the famous Pink Dolphins that the river is famous for, or see the caiman that live on the shores of the river.

The Peruvian Amazon is Mother Nature at its finest and a must see for any world traveler. Spend some time in Iquitos and the surrounding Amazon basin for the experience of a lifetime.

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