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Cruise the Amazon river

Today, luxury travel is available for everybody. The amount of luxury hotel chains worldwide is expanding every year and South America has not missed the luxury travel explosion, with most countries featuring many different options for your next holiday. Peru is a country with a long history of fascinating attractions both manmade and natural. Thousands…

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National Pisco sour day

National Pisco Day Peru is the birthplace of Pisco, which is a grape spirit, born in the Seaside town of Pisco, a few hours south of Lima. The drink is prepared in different ways but the most famous is without a doubt the Pisco Sour. To celebrate the drink, the Peruvian government declared the National…

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Visiting Machu Picchu – creating the best experience

Visiting Machu Picchu is an important part of any Peruvian travel experience. Researching how to get the best out of your visit should be on the top of your priority list. It is hard to put into words the Machu Picchu experience; this is one of the places on earth that needs to be seen…

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Five Must-see Locations in Peru

Do you like to travel in style and luxury? Do you like the finer things in life and expect the best wherever you go? Travel to Peru and you can expect all these things and more on your luxury vacation to Peru tour.  Travelling is one of life’s great pleasures and should not be missed,…

Adventures in Southern Peru, Ballestas Islands and the Nazca Lines

There is so much to do and see in the diverse and wonderful Peru. In this article, we will take you on a journey to an area south of Lima where you will find the Peru Ballestas Islands and the Nazca Lines.

The Top 4 historic Hotels in Cusco

Isn’t it just fascinating to travel and discover new places? Their cultures, the history, the past and everything that goes along with it? Well, I hear you, and traveling to Peru is no exception. Peru is full of wonderful culture and the natural beauty well worth atleast one visit during your lifetime. When you travel to Peru, you will eventually arrive into the Inca city of Cusco. The city is full of wonderful and interesting historical sites to enjoy. But the mystery deosn’t end with the historical sight.

Journeying from Lima to Cusco by Bus

Traveling is one of life´s great pleasures and should be experienced by everyone. However, how you travel may make all the difference in the world to your journey. Many people only travel by air and to be fair, this is by far the quickest way to get around. There are a lot of people who love to travel by train and take all of the great train journeys around the world, and there are an abundance of trains ervices to experience in Peru, but that is for another article. Here, we are going to speak of the trip that many fear but many take; the Lima to Cusco bus.

The Mysterious Nazca Lines

Around five hours from Lima, you will come across the small town of Nazca. Not very much happens there, it has a few hotels and several restaurants but nothing much to speak of. The town receives no rainfall at all, so the weather is warm and dry all year round. So what is the attraction of this little desert town? Well, the purpose of visiting this town is to see the extraordinary Nazca Lines.

The Top 4 leisure activities for you to do in Cusco

Cusco is considered one of the most beautiful and historic cities in all of South America. Thousands of people flock to the Andean town every year and hundreds if not thousands have made Cusco their new home. Cusco was the heart of the Inca Empire and as you will see on your visit, the city is full of ancient Inca ruins and plazas.

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Travelling alone to Machu Picchu

Travelling alone anywhere in the World can be an extremely daunting experience for anyone. Sometimes, when you aren’t familiar with your destination of travel but have the desire to visit that country, the desire often outweighs the fear. Peru and especially Machu Picchu are popular destinations and are visited by thousands of foreign tourists every year.