Family Vacation in Peru

A family trip to Peru can be an experience of a lifetime, memories made on a luxury family vacation can be shared for years to come. Why not take your children on a vacation to learn about new cultures and hear about ancient history? What better way to teach your children and give them valuable life experiences than to take them on a luxury family trip to Peru?

The Weather in Iquitos

Traveling to the Peruvian Amazon is one of life’s great adventures. Do you love nature and seeing exotic animals in there natural habitat? Then this is the place for you. In the northern part of the Peruvian Amazon, you will find the jungle town of Iquitos.

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An Adventure to Peru´s Amazon

An Adventure to Peru´s Amazon Three quarters of Peru is in the jungle or ‘Selva’ as the locals refer to it, which is divided into two parts, the high Peru jungle and the low Peru jungle. The high Peru jungle starts at the foot of the Andes and grows up to the mountain slopes and...