How to get to Machu Picchu from Lima

Are you planning on visiting Machu Picchu for your next vacation? The Inca citadel is one most people’s bucket list as a must-see destination. Machu Picchu is a dream of many, and the ruins are very popular with older and younger travelers alike swarming to the site every year. On a guided tour, you have…

10 Reasons to rent a luxury apartment if you have plans to tour Lima

10 Reasons to rent a luxury apartment if you have plans to tour Lima

Have you set your heart on a holiday in Lima, the capital of Peru? Have you booked a Peru vacation package and don’t really want to stay in a hotel?  Well, in this article we will give you 10 great reasons why you should stay in a luxury apartment in Lima instead of a hotel….

Journeying from Lima to Cusco by Bus

Traveling is one of life´s great pleasures and should be experienced by everyone. However, how you travel may make all the difference in the world to your journey. Many people only travel by air and to be fair, this is by far the quickest way to get around. There are a lot of people who love to travel by train and take all of the great train journeys around the world, and there are an abundance of trains ervices to experience in Peru, but that is for another article. Here, we are going to speak of the trip that many fear but many take; the Lima to Cusco bus.

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When should I visit Peru?

Many people from all over the world choose to take their annual vacation in the month of December, this is for many different reasons, maybe the children have holidays in this month, maybe work is slower and your company will give you vacation time.

Lima Nightlife

Lima is known as the gastronomic capital of South America, which grew from a culinary legacy that was inherited from superb pre-Hispanic and colonial cooking traditions and evolved today into a mix of Western and Oriental cooking.

Travelling from Lima to Machu Picchu

When most people arrive in Lima, Peru, the first site to see on almost everyone’s lists is Machu Picchu. There is something about the ruins of Machu Picchu and its rich history that seems to draw people  in from every corner of the world to see this marvel of Inca creation. Some people wish to…

The Best Luxury Hotels in Machu Picchu

Best Hotels in Machu Picchu In recent years, the explosion of luxury tourism has reached Peru with luxury hotels springing up in all parts of the country. Cusco, the heart of the Inca Empire, has many different luxury properties available to the luxury traveler, some housed in beautiful Spanish colonial buildings, such as the Belmond…

Handicrafts at Awanacancha Textile Center

 Native to Peru and South America are Llamas, Alpacas and Vicuñas. These animals are part of the Camel family and you will see them all over Peru. Traditionally Llamas were used as work animals and still are today. Alpacas are known for their wool and there delicious tender meat. The lesser known of the…

10 Reasons to rent a luxury apartment if you have plans to tour Lima

The Best things to do in Lima

Peruvian capital of Lima Are you planning to travel to Peru on your next vacation? Well if you are, then you will want to spend some time in the Peruvian capital of Lima. Lima has undergone a drastic transformation in recent years and now is a great location to spend a few days of your…