Peruvian Street Food

The thought of eating Street food anywhere in the world might leave you cold and scared. However, fear not, street food in Peru is very popular and most of the time really tasty. You may be surprised and delighted by the variety and the tastiness of Peruvian Street food. When you are in the larger cities you will see vendors on nearly every corner, in the morning and in the evening no matter what time of day, you will always find some tasty snacks to try.

If you are up early and leaving for a tour and are thinking about what you will have for breakfast, then you should look for the street vendors selling Quinoa, the Quinoa drink is made with apples and served with milk and is not only very good for you but is also delicious. The vendor will also be serving Maca, which is also made into a hot drink and served with milk. Both Quinoa and Maca are Peru superfoods that provide healthy fuel for your body. 

To go with your hot drink try a sandwich of avocado or cheese. This will cost you around s/2 for a really great start to the day.

In the evening on many street corners, you will find ladies barbequing what is known as Anticuchos. The traditional Antichuchos are pieces of grilled beef heart served on a stick with a boiled potato on the end of the stick. Served with chili sauce the taste is quite unusual, in many places you can get Antichuchos with chicken or beef. 

Anticuchos are a very traditional food and the tradition started with the slaves brought from Africa by the Spanish in the 16th Century. The innards of the cow were given to the slaves as food and so the dish was invented. Antichuchos are sold all over Peru and you will smell the aroma before you see the sellers.

Peruvian Tamales can be found all over Peru and South America; they are made from Peruvian white of yellow corn. Made from cornmeal dough filled with meat, usually chicken or pork, boiled eggs, olives, nuts and chili and usually are topped with red onions. They are usually steamed and wrapped in banana leaves. They are easy to eat and are a great street food for you to try.

Located on many street corners are ladies selling quail eggs, for around one sole you can purchase around six eggs served with a creamy chili sauce. In addition, something that Peruvians love to eat in the mornings are boiled potatoes, served with boiled eggs and again creamy chili sauce. You will see them sitting on street corners enjoying this dish for breakfast.

In Lima you will need to try a Butifarra, this is a delicious tender pork sandwich served with tomato, onion, chili and mustard. The bread is generally crispy and the meat warm, this sandwich is a must try and is very tasty. Not only are there Butifarras on offer but also tempting chicken sandwiches and also hamburgers to satisfy your hunger.

Peruvians love their sweets and it shows with many varieties of sweet Peruvian street food on offer, make sure to try the Arroz con Leche y Mazamorra Morada, which is rice pudding served with mazamorra, it is hard to compare Mazamorra with anything but it is a delicious hot jelly like dessert mixed with cinnamon and apples. Sold at night this dessert is sweet, sticky and wonderful.

Next, you have to try Picarones, referred to as the Peruvian donut; they are really nothing like a donut. Made from sweet potato and squash they are deep-fried and served with a sugar syrup. Traditionally you will receive four Picarones per serve they are very filling and served really hot.

You might be thinking what to drink in Peru to go with your Peruvian street food, when walking around the streets of Peru you will notice street vendors with bottles of bright colored liquids. These liquids are mixed together with tea and served hot. These hot drinks are also great to warm you up on a cold highland night.

There is not only street food on offer, Peru is known for its food and the variety. Traditional Peruvian dishes you must try when in Peru are Cerviche, marinated fish with lemon served with onions, sweet potato and corn, this is considered Peru’s national dish. Another tasty traditional dish is Lomo Saltado, lean beef, tomatoes, onions cooked and served with fries and rice, so good. A dish that should not be missed is Aji de Gallina, chicken served in a creamy chili sauce, with rice, eggs and potatoes. There are many dishes to try, too many to name but look out for the Menu that is usually served at lunchtime. Really inexpensive you will receive a soup, main meal and a refresco, which is a drink. 

There will be many opportunities to try the street food in Peru, so do not miss out on the taste sensations that only the street food in Peru can provide.

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