Journeying from Lima to Cusco by Bus

Lima to Cusco by Bus

Traveling is one of life´s great pleasures and should be experienced by everyone. However, how you travel may make all the difference in the world to your journey. Many people only travel by air and to be fair, this is by far the quickest way to get around. There are a lot of people who love to travel by train and take all of the great train journeys around the world, and there are an abundance of trains ervices to experience in Peru, but that is for another article. Here, we are going to speak of the trip that many fear but many take; the Lima to Cusco bus.

There are many different routes to take to get from Lima to Cusco, the journey is not a short one and will take many hours. So if you have the time then feel free to go on an adventure of discovery. The bus is a great way to see the countryside that you can’t experience when traveling by plane.

After you have experienced the best restaurants in Lima, Peru and have seen Lima, Peru sightseeing tours, you will be ready to leave Lima and travel to Cusco to see all of the wonderful Inca Culture.


The first way to travel is by bus from Lima to Arequipa, this journey can take anywhere upto eighteen hours, and the road is pretty good most of the way. The ideal way to make the journey is to break  it into parts. On the way to Arequipa you will pass the town of Ica, the town is famous for its wineries that produce the local drink, called Pisco. Take the time to try Pisco and spend an afternoon at the wineries and get Piscoed (pun intended)! Also from the town of Ica, there is one of Peru´s least known attractions, the desert oasis of Huacachina. It is worth spending a day here; you can swim, sand board, take dune buggies and take in the sunshine. There are plenty of accommodations to choose from to make your stay a pleasant one.

Further south and inland, is the sleepy little town of Nazca. Why should you stop there you may ask? Well, this is the home of the famous Nazca Lines. Drawn by an ancient civilization many centuries ago, the lines remain a mystery to this day. To get the best view of the lines it is best to take a flight over the site. For those of you who do not like small planes than travel just outside of town to the observation tower where you will get to see some of the lines.


From Nazca travel, around ten hours and you will arrive into Arequipa. The white city as it known, is Peru´s second city and is a fine mix of old and new. If you have the time, spend a few days here, the city has a great climate and some lovely sites to see.  From Arequipa on your way to Cusco, travel to the industrial town of Juliaca. This town is one of the most disorganized places in Peru. Here you will change buses; you really do not need to spend time here. There is really nothing to see, the houses are not finished, the streets mostly are unpaved, and most people just pass through on their way to Puno, the town of Lake Titicaca or on their way to Cusco from Arequipa.


The journey from Juliaca to Cusco is a very scenic one. You will pass beautiful snowcapped mountains, lovely little towns and majestic rivers. If you are lucky enough to have a ticket on one of the tourist buses, than you will stop at some of the ancient Inca sites along the way. There is a guide on the bus that will explain the ruins to you and you will arrive in Cusco in the late afternoon in time to enjoy the nightlife that the city has to offer.


The other way to travel  from Lima to Cusco by bus, is direct from Lima to Cusco via Nazca and Abancay. This journey will take you around twenty hours. There are many bus companies that offer this service and the standard of service varies. There are luxury buses complete with movies and meals that come with drinks, to the not so luxury services that you will  require you to take your own food and drinks. These services are cheaper and less comfortable, but a great way to travel if you like buses. Go online  and see the range of prices and services there are on offer.

This route can get rather curvy especially around Abancay and there can be some steep ascents and descents, so if you suffer from car sickness, than make sure to take your medicine with you. On arrival into Cusco, remember to take it easy for the first few days, as the city is high in altitude.

Do your research on the travel tours Peru and know exactly what you want to do and see in Peru. The Andean country is worth your vacation time, filled with Ancient history, Amazon Jungle and rivers, fabulous coastline and cosmopolitan cities. The Peruvian food movement has taken flight in recent years so try some of the great restaurants on offer.

Lima to Cusco by bus is an adventure you should not miss on your next vacation to Peru. Peru tourism waits for you.

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