Hotels in Inca Trail

On any tour of the Sacred Valley you will visit Ollantaytambo. The town features original Inca stone streets and waterways and you will get a feeling that you are at one with the Inca. Ollantaytambo has one of the most impressive Inca fortresses anywhere in South America. Tour the fort on a guided tour and learn the history of Ollantaytambo fort and how the Inca held off the Spanish invaders. The town is full if great little restaurants and markets to explore. Ollantaytambo has some quaint little hotels that are a great place to spend the night. The Pakaritampu is set in wonderful surrounds with pretty gardens and great views of the valley. The El Albergue is a family run hotel and has a homey atmosphere, great food and comfy rooms, a great place as part of your family vacation. See the wonderful Inca town as part of your Sacred Valley tour.