Five Must-see Locations in Peru

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Do you like to travel in style and luxury? Do you like the finer things in life and expect the best wherever you go? Travel to Peru and you can expect all these things and more on your luxury vacation to Peru tour.  Travelling is one of life’s great pleasures and should not be missed, travel to all corners of the globe and open your mind to all the different cultures on the planet. Here we will give you some ideas…

Capital of Peru

When you arrive into Peru, you will land in Lima the cosmopolitan capital of Peru. The city has had a bad reputation in the past and people were fearful to spend time there. This has all changed and the city has undergone a transformation. Today, the city is a mix of old and new and there is plenty to do to pass a few days. Lima also features many luxury five star hotels to keep you in the comfort and style that you desire.

While in Lima, you must try the food, the city is one of the top food destinations in the world and it is not hard to find the best restaurants Lima Peru, with three in the top fifty of the world’s best restaurants, you are spoilt for choice. Not only are there restaurants to experience, but there are also great museums in Lima too. A visit to the museums will give you an idea of the different cultures that have lived in the country. This will give you a good idea before heading to the other areas of Peru.

Town of Paracas

From Lima, travel down the highway in your luxury private bus to the town of Paracas. This seaside hamlet has a few luxury hotels to spend the night. From Pisco, which is a short drive from Paracas, you are able to take a short flight over the Nazca Lines. What are the Nazca Lines you might ask? These are a series of lines drawn into the desert floor by the ancient Nazca civilization. The best way to see the lines is by small aircraft and the flight takes around forty-five minutes. Also on your Peru Ballestas Islands and the Nazca Lines tour, visit the naturally fascinating Ballestas Islands. On a speedboat tour out to the islands, see the many species of birds and animals that make the islands their home.

Peruvian Amazon

Travel to the North of Peru to the town of Iquitos and take an upscale adventure river cruise of the Amazon. Spend four days cruising, touring and visiting interesting places all with five-star luxury, whilst enjoying the best in Peruvian cuisine. A luxury cruise on the Amazon could be used to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary or a honeymoon.

No luxury tour to Peru would be complete without some time in Cusco, the Imperial city. Cusco is full of luxury hotels housed in old Spanish colonial buildings, refurbished in the colonial style most of the buildings have a story to tell. The collections of artworks and antiques are impressive and a delight to see. Some of the hotels have oxygen pumped into the rooms to help you adjust to the altitude. Cusco city is reminiscent of some old European cities with terracotta roof tiles and lovely old churches. Take a few days to spend in Cusco, you will enjoy the atmosphere and the history.

Sacred Valley

Not far from Cusco is the Sacred Valley of the Inca´s. The valley is one of the most naturally beautiful locations that you will ever see and has many remarkable Inca ruins to visit. There are many luxury resorts in the Valley and you will stay in luxury and comfort.

No visit to the Cusco area would be complete without seeing Machu Picchu; Machu Picchu is without a doubt Peru’s major tourist attraction. The site has thousands of visitors every year and is worth every penny you spend to get there. Discover the story of the site and be amazed at the skill of the Inca builders.

If you decide to visit the southern Peruvian town of Puno, you may also decide to take the luxurious train ride Cusco Puno Peru. The train passes the Andean high plains through villages where you will see some spectacular snowcapped mountain peaks. Arrive in Puno in comfort and style after a full day of train travel; this is one for the train enthusiasts.

Lake Titicaca

Stay on the shores of Lake Titicaca at one of the many luxury resorts available. Travel out to the lake and visit the Uros Islands. The Uros people made the lake their home many centuries ago after escaping warring mainland tribes. Nevertheless, the most interesting part of a visit is the Uros people who have built their houses, boats and even the islands they live on all out of totora reeds. These reeds are sourced from the shores of the lake. A tour to the islands is a must and something you will never experience anywhere else in the world.

We hope you enjoyed our breif overview of the luxury vacation experiences in Peru and now have an idea of where to spend your next vacation in Peru. Luxury travel is easy in Peru and South America, book today!

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