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Today, luxury travel is available for everybody. The amount of luxury hotel chains worldwide is expanding every year and South America has not missed the luxury travel explosion, with most countries featuring many different options for your next holiday.

Peru is a country with a long history of fascinating attractions both manmade and natural. Thousands of tourists visit the South American country every year and most want to see Machu Picchu and should, as the ruin is one of the most spectacular in the world. However, something you should not miss when visiting Peru is the Amazon. In the last few years, the demand for luxury Amazon cruises has expended creating the need for upscale adventure river cruises in Amazon.

A luxury Amazon Cruise is the best way to discover the mighty river and all it has to offer. There are many companies that operate the Peruvian Amazon luxury route where you will experience all the luxury you can imagine. The first is the Aqua Expeditions, with two luxury vessels to choose from.

Aqua Expeditions

The first is the wonderful Aqua Amazon, with 12 suites to cater for 24 passengers. Newly decorated in 2015, the ship has new wooden floors, generous picture windows that face the Amazon River in each of the suites. Pass hours relaxing on the sundeck that features sun lounges to watch the river pass by. Fine dining also features with top chef inspired meals to delight your taste buds.


The second cruise is the Aria Amazon with 16 suites catering for 32 passengers, slightly bigger than the Aqua Amazon, the Aria Amazon features extremely generous dining and lounging areas including an outdoor Jacuzzi. Again, the rooms have floor to ceiling windows that face the Amazon River. Both ships have English speaking naturalist guides for all your shore excursions.


After the Aria & Aqua ships is the Delfin line of cruise ships, featuring the Delphin I, 11 and 111 all equipped to cater for the luxury travel. The Delfin 1 has 4 suites, 2 deluxe suites featuring private spas and 2 master suites with private terraces. The Delfin II has 14 suites, four of which have 180-degree views of the river.

The ship’s dining rooms have dedicated staff that pride themselves on the carefully prepared contemporary Creole cuisine and exceptional service.

The Delfin II-the largest of the fleet- offers an extraordinary level of comfort and style. The ship can accommodate a maximum of 42 cruise ship guests in 4 different styles of suites featuring floor to ceiling panoramic picture windows. This 5 star river cruise ship is the perfect size to sail along the Amazon River, providing an extremely comfortable indoor and outdoor lounge, outdoor plunge pool, exercise room, spa and dining room. All the Delfin cruises offer onshore tours to enjoy with experienced guides to give you an insight into the jungle.


Along with the Aria and the Delfin is the Zafiro, a luxury vessel with 19 suites for 40 passengers. It will allow guests to enjoy a first class service and varied cultures and traditions found throughout the Amazon. Passengers will learn the history of this important waterway ecosystems and cultural exchange with the inhabitants of the coast along the journey.

Independent balconies in the suites of the second deck and panoramic floor to ceiling windows on the first deck overlooking the Amazon River, 4 of which are interconnected. In addition, we have a suite of 40 meters, as we called Zafiro Suite, which has a panoramic view of 180 degrees, with a Jacuzzi tub, kitchenette, private living room and a sofa bed. Decorated in classic and elegant style, with air conditioning and private bathroom, this cruise is to die for.

All meals on board are included, the chef is ready to captivate with a combination of inspiration from the Peruvian cuisine and the Amazon.

As you can see, there are many different upscale adventure river cruises to take along the amazon, all in complete luxury. Pass anything from 3 to 8 days enjoying all the luxury you can imagine. Not only is there luxury cruising to choose from, but there are also luxury private tours on offer, allowing you to explore all the natural and manmade attractions.

Peru is a country not to be missed; some of the Spectacular treasures of Peru that you need to see are Lima, the capital of Peru, Nazca, Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, The Sacred Valley and of course Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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